Fast Track Service

We have introduced our Fast Track service to help you when time really is of the essence and you just have to get the problem solved quickly. The Fast Track service is different as it bypasses the normal survey and quote process and allows you to get a qualified engineer on site within 14 days.

Once we have received your instruction, our engineer will make a visit to the property. They will survey as normal and a report will be sent to you. At the same time they are in the property, they will install the products that will provide a guarantee of no mould for 3 years. You will be invoiced from a pre-agreed price list, so there will be no unexpected costs.

The benefit to residents is that the issues can all be solved in one visit. So the if no requirement to be home for the surveyor and then the installer.

For landlords it means you will meet your KPI’s, get a guarantee of no more mould for 3 years and have happier residents.

What is Fast Track Service?

  • Fast Track Service is an unique service which offers the best solution for you. Our team of professionals will help you solve your problem within 2 weeks. They will come to your property, identify the problems and fix them immediately if it is possible. Otherwise they will come back at the earliest opportunity.

Why you should choose Airtech Solutions?

  • We can guarantee that your problems will be solved within 2 weeks.
  • We are team of professionals with over 30 years of experience.
  • You don’t have to pay anything in advance. We will send you the invoice once the job is done (based on pre-agreed rates).
  • We give a 3 year no mould return guarantee for properties in which we have treated the mould and installed the fans.
  • We can record and provide up to 15 months of data of the home environment, such as humidity and temperature levels.

What can mould and condensation look like?