Responsive repairs


Prevention is better than cure – Landlords can take measures to ensure their properties meet the required standards to avoid costly disrepair cases. Airtech has over 30 years of experience working with responsive repairs teams. We understand the issues faced by responsive repairs teams around condensation and mould. You can rely on us for tailored end to end solutions from free survey through to full installation with guarantees for condensation and mould problems within your housing stock. We provide a 3 year no mould return guarantee for properties in which Airtech have treated the mould and installed the fans.

Airtech can offer a full range of solutions to support DLOs to tackle condensation & mould. This involves providing data logging fans, mould treatment solutions and anti-mould paint on a supply only basis. If the correct Airtech installation procedure is followed, the installation by your DLO is backed up by an 18-month no mould return guarantee from Airtech.

This tailored solution involves supply and support of data logging fans, mould treatment solutions and anti-mould paint to make the property more habitable. Our team can also monitor the on-going situation in the property and provide reports.

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