How to prevent mould?

A good place to start in preventing mould is with resident education. Initial signs of mould growth can easily go unnoticed, it is therefore important to keep the residents well informed on how to spot and tackle early signs of mould growth. At Airtech we supply our mould information leaflets free of charge when working with landlords so that residents understand why they shouldn’t dry washing indoors or pile clothes or other items against an external wall.

how to prevent mould

To ensure a property has effective ventilation, it is recommended to install fans with a dynamic anticipatory controlled humidistat which provide a balance of extraction and ventilation and reduce nuisance noise and unnecessary running costs. In addition, installing a non-switched spur means residents cannot turn off the fan.

Managing the temperature, as well as reducing elevated moisture levels will help in the fight against mould.

What is mould?

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How to prevent mould?

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