About Us

Established in 1988, Airtech has developed a comprehensive service over the last 30 years which offers landlords solutions to help ensure a healthy home for residents. Always looking to innovate, 20 years ago Airtech was the first to introduce encapsulated self-cleaning sensors on fans since there was an issue for housing providers where fan sensors in residents’ homes were becoming greased up and so the fans were not ventilating effectively. And 15 years ago Airtech introduced its first fan datalogger in response to demand for fan data from housing providers. Today Airtech offers highly sophisticated datalogging which can be used by landlords in disrepair cases.

Airtech, specialists in condensation, mould and radon specialists.

Airtech is not just a fan company it is a solutions provider. Airtech are experts in condensation and mould and offer a one stop shop providing a whole service, including ventilation solutions and mould treatment. Airtech covers the whole of the UK and has worked with over 200 housing providers.

Airtech boasts 30 years of experience in helping housing providers tackle this issue, offering expert advice on how to both avoid and deal with this ever present problem as well as providing proven solutions.