What causes condensation?

The moisture in the air can come from a variety of sources within your property. The most common are:

  • Modern homes are built to be airtight with insulation and double or triple glazed windows which trap water vapour inside the property. Lack of adequate ventilation means the moisture is not removed thereby increasing the risk of condensation.
  • The building materials in new homes can release moisture which slowly dries out when the property is used and heated.
  • Everyday activities such as taking baths, washing, drying clothes, cooking and boiling kettles produce moisture which if not ventilated properly can result in condensation.
  • Properties that have insufficient heating are more likely to suffer with condensation. A cold property has more cold surfaces for excess vapour to turn into water.
  • Drying washing indoors or using an un-vented tumble dryer puts moisture in the air which condenses onto cold surfaces if not ventilated properly.
  • Windows being kept closed on busy roads or in city centres to keep out pollution and noise means fresh, drier air from outside can’t get in to replace the stale, moist air inside the property.

What causes condensation?

What is condensation?

How to prevent condensation?

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