Data Downloads

If a disrepair case has already been brought against a landlord, steps can be taken to help win the case.  Detailed record keeping is a must since records are essential to defending disrepair cases. Landlords are used to logging all communications with residents, but many don’t realise it is also possible to record how the resident is using a ventilation system with the latest fans offering useful data through highly sophisticated datalogging which can be used by landlords in disrepair cases.


Our data downloads service is a unique offering provided only by Airtech in the social housing market.  In disrepair or complaint cases, the housing provider can request Airtech to revisit the property and take a download of the environmental data from the ventilation fans. The download will include information on relative humidity, vapour pressure, dew point, room temperatures, along with power interruptions and isolations. The data will be over a 5 week or a 15-month period depending on the model of the ventilation fan. This data will then be provided along with a written report based on the downloaded information over the given period of time. This data can be used as evidence to support a legal disrepair case or to help with the difficult complaint case. Our data is fully compliant with the data protection act and the data is not shared with any third parties.