Ventilation Servicing

Regular servicing of whole house ventilation systems such as Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR), Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) and Mechanical Ventilation (MEV) is essential to ensure efficient ventilation continues to take place effectively and to maintain good indoor air quality. We can service both individual properties and entire housing stocks for housing providers.

Airtech offer ‘off the shelf’ or customised ventilation servicing packages. Please see below our servicing options. 


MVHR Standard Servicing

  • New filters
  • Sanitise in room air valves
  • Recommission airflow/system
  • Clean sanitise units and motors
  • Clean sanitise heat exchanger


MVHR  Comprehensive Servicing

As per the Standard Servicing plus:

  • Replacement filters sent after 6 month


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MVHR Premium Servicing

As per the Comprehensive Servicing plus:

  • A deep clean and sanitization of all the supply and extract ductwork

PIV servicing

  • Clean & sanitise unit and diffuser
  • Replace filters
  • Check controls
  • Re-commission
  • Provide report

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MEV Servicing

  • Clean & sanitise unit and air valves
  • Check controls
  • Re-commission
  • Provide report

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Fan Servicing

  • Clean & Sanitise fan
  • Replace / clean filters
  • Check controls & external grille
  • Provide report

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