Airtech’s AIR+ Wall PIV gently operates in the background introducing drier air into the home, removing stale humid air and replacing it with fresh air from outside that has been filtered through G4 or F7 filters. Thanks to being half the size of conventional PIV units, the Air+ Wall is suitable for wall mounting in the hallway or any habitable room and is so small it can fit inside the decorative boxing that is used for its ducting. Positive Input Ventilation is proven to reduce both condensation and mould.

The Air+ Wall unit is generally fitted on a convenient wall as close to the air intake point as possible. Ideally this should be within a hall cupboard where access to an external wall and ambient air is possible. Supply ducting is run to an outlet air grille normally located in the hallway so that air is delivered to a central point within the dwelling.

Product code: AIR+PIV/W


Air+ Wall PIV Product Datasheet

Air+ Wall PIV Customer care guide

Air+ Wall PIV Fitting & Wiring Instruction