Air+ Loft PIV


Air+ Loft PIV gently operates in the background, removing stale humid air and replacing it with fresh filtered air from outside. Located in the loft, Air+ Loft PIV draws fresh air into the loft cavity where it is filtered and warmed before being gently added into the habitable areas of the house. Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) is proven to reduce both condensation and mould as well as dangerous levels of radon in specific areas of the UK.

Air+PIV is supplied with an energy efficient preheater to temper incoming air, increasing input air temperature by up to four degrees vs other traditional PIVs available. Easy fix anti-vibration base and hanging kit supplied as standard.

Integral dynamic controls allow for bespoke installation set up as well as data recall showing running conditions and unit performance. High grade G4 or F7 filters offer industry leading levels of filtration. Filter efficiency is also displayed via the front display.

The new low profile diffuser with sound cancelling technology can be cleaned easily and directs air away from fire alarms and walls. Models are available for condensation & mould or radon control.

Product code: AIR+PIV/L


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