Airtech are specialists in Radon prevention through the use of fans and sumps alike.  We always recommend testing first using our radon detectors which are small unobtrusive pods which are placed in your property for up to 3 months.  The pods are then analysed by our laboratory to determine the Radon level in your property expressed in Becquerels per cubic metre (Bq/m3).

The action level set by the UK Government for homes is 200Bq/m3.  If you have a radon level above 200Bq/m3, it is recommended by PHE (Public Health England) to take action to reduce the level.

Airtech have been a key player in the radon preventative measures for many years in Devon & Cornwall where Radon levels are naturally very high and have won many contracts over the years with large organisations to help reduce the radon levels in their properties.

Don’t delay, let us help you reduce the level in your home or workplace.  Please contact us on 01823 690 292 or email us at if you would like further information.