Sentinel Kinetic Range


The Sentinel Kinetic range of heat recovery units provide balanced ventilation while recovering up to 91% of the heat from discharged air. This combination of benefits and high efficiency means that draught-free ventilation is achieved at 10% of the cost of traditional ventilation systems.

Two easy to take out filters remove dust to ensure air quality is maintained continuously. The compact unit is easy to fit and features four air connections to provide ventilation to kitchen, bathroom, toilet and living areas. It is also compatible for use with low resistance ducts and control settings allow constant air flow under all conditions.

Featuring EC/DC motors the Sentinel Kinetic range are classed as ‘zero energy units’ and cost just a few pence a day to run.

Product Code: HRU/BH-R, HRU/BH-L, HRU/BHP-R and HRU/BHP-L.




Sentinel Kinetic Product Datasheet