Multi-room extraction


Mechanical Extract Ventilation or MEV consists of a centralised fan unit mounted in a loft space or cupboard that continuously draws stale moist air and pollutants from bathrooms, kitchens and any other wet rooms. Air is extracted from wet rooms typically through a circular diffuser and exhausted to outside through a ducted system, fresh outside air is then naturally drawn into the dwelling through purpose provided openings in the building envelope – usually trickle vents in windows or airbricks.

An MEV unit operates continuously at a low level to provide wholehouse ventilation; the MEV can also provide higher levels of ventilation in response to increased levels of pollutants, occupancy or simply via a manual switch. For example, an internal or external humidity sensor will detect increased levels of humidity in a bathroom (i.e. – when bathing/showering) and inform the MEV system to increase the extract rates to remove the humidity.

Product Code: A-MEV