Multi-room extraction

The Sentinel Kinetic range of heat recovery units provide balanced ventilation while recovering up to 91% of the heat from discharged air. This combination of benefits and high efficiency means that draught-free ventilation is achieved at 10% of the cost of traditional ventilation systems.

Two easy to take out filters remove dust to ensure air quality is maintained continuously.

The compact unit is easy to fit and features four air connections to provide ventilation to kitchen, bathroom, toilet and living areas. It is also compatible for use with low resistance ducts and control settings allow constant air flow under all conditions.

Featuring EC/DC motors the Sentinel Kinetic range are classed as ‘zero energy units’ and cost just a few pence a day to run.

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Mechanical Extract Ventilation or MEV consists of a centralised fan unit mounted in a loft space or cupboard that continuously draws stale moist air and pollutants from bathrooms, kitchens and any other wet rooms. Air is extracted from wet rooms typically through a circular diffuser and exhausted to outside through a ducted system, fresh outside air is then naturally drawn into the dwelling through purpose provided openings in the building envelope – usually trickle vents in windows or airbricks.

An MEV unit operates continuously at a low level to provide wholehouse ventilation; the MEV can also provide higher levels of ventilation in response to increased levels of pollutants, occupancy or simply via a manual switch. For example, an internal or external humidity sensor will detect increased levels of humidity in a bathroom (i.e. - when bathing/showering) and inform the MEV system to increase the extract rates to remove the humidity.

Product Code: A-MEV




Additional information

Special Features

• Low energy EC/DC motor
• Horizontal duct option for space saving installations
• Right and left hand options
• Suitable for use with low resistance ducting systems
• Optional M5 Grade high performance filter
• G3 Grade filtration
• Digital settings and read out display
• Self diagnosis fault finding and reporting
• CO2 and humidity sensor options
• Summer bypass with night-time cooling algorithm


• Extremely low running costs
• Heat exchanger transfers 91% of heat
• High efficiency performance at all times
• Pollen filter on air inlet
• Wireless remote control option
• Frost protection system maintains performance in freezing conditions


• Recognised in SAP PCDB
• Output and input spigots are top mounted
• Suitable for Ø125mm connecting ducts
• 230V power cable supplied as standard
• Low voltage control connection supplied as standard
• Multiple switching options
• Digital controller for simple and accurate commissioning