Energysaver™ Cowl


The Energysaver™ Cowl counteracts the detrimental effects of external wind on the performance of mechanical extract ventilation systems and passive vents. The cowl is up to 20% less resistant to airflow making the extractor fan up to 20% more energy efficient than when used with a conventional cowl or grille. It also alleviates ‘blow back’ thus further increasing extractor fan efficiency and reducing energy consumption – all of which contribute to a reduction in the carbon footprint.

Energysaver™ Cowl is the only independently tested energy efficient ventilation grille.

When used in conjunction with Airtech Energysaver™ fans the cowls offer one of the most energy efficient ventilation packages available today. The Energysaver™ Cowl is Part F Compliant and offered in 100mm (4inch) and 150mm (6inch) sizes.




Energy Saver Cowl Product Datasheet