A new ventilation grille that is claimed to be more efficient than any other product designed to vent air from domestic extraction, condensation and humidity control systems is now available from Airtech Environmental Systems Ltd.

Called the Energysaver Grille, the vent is 20% less air resistant than other products and so offers outstanding extraction performance. It also virtually eliminates ‘blow back’ – where outside weather conditions cause exhaust air to be blown back into a property thereby eliminating the benefit of any extraction system.

These exceptional qualities result from the unique patented design of the double skin grille outlet and specially shaped louvres that are shielded by a solid outer skin. The angled louvres direct air sideways and downwards while the outer skin prevents air from entering the grille and blowing back through the ducting.

The grille can be new or retro fitted to any make of 6 inch or 4 inch fan. Installation is quick and simple via four screws into the external wall. Produced as a one-piece moulding in tough, weather resistant, polypropylene the grille is available in terracotta and white.

The Energysaver Grille is designed to complement Airtech’s range of advanced extractor fans, whole house ventilation, positive pressure systems, passive vents and other proven devices that combat condensation, damp and mould.