Protecting your health

There are a host of measures you can take to protect yourself from allergies and asthma that can be caused from allergens present in the home.

There is ventilation technology available that improves resident comfort and efficiency, at Airtech we can offer landlords the correct solution for individual properties. This can range from the Air+ Wall and Air+ Loft Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) units to the environment sensing bathroom and kitchen fans, such as the SA25 SELV, the SA60 Mains and SELV, and the SA64, and data gathering fans, such as the DA25, DA60 and DA64.

Mould removal is also an important step in protecting your health as mould spores in the air can lead to respiratory problems.

The importance of air filtration

In recent years a growing body of evidence has identified the dangerous impact poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is having on our health. Good air filtration is vital in the process of improving IAQ as it will remove allergens from the air. An efficient filter such as an F7 in a ventilation system will remove almost all pollen from the air and will also help reduce diesel particulates.

Protecting your health

Good air filtration also protects the general well-being of the occupants of a space, it protects the decor within a home by removing the staining portion of airborne dust and it reduces fire hazards by removing lint and other materials which might accumulate in ductwork.

Good air filtration also helps remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs), contained in items such as cleaning products, cosmetics, pesticides, adhesives and printer ink. These VOCs lead to ‘substantial emissions’ of air pollutants and can even rival vehicle emissions. VOCs include a variety of chemicals which can have short and long-term adverse health effects, including lung damage.

Mould removal

As we make our homes increasingly airtight in an effort to improve energy efficiency, more and more of us are encountering condensation and mould with poor ventilation only adding to the problem. Mould is caused by excess moisture in the home so if you can locate the source of the moisture you can eliminate it and the mould.

Mould removal

However, in most cases mould removal is best left to professionals to ensure it is done correctly. If you see any type of mould in your home, book a free mould survey.

Many social housing landlords find condensation and mould a recurring problem, resulting in spiralling costs. However, by employing an expert you will ensure that once the mould has been removed it won’t return.

Mould eradication is very important if it is present in tenant homes. Mould cannot be painted over or treated with household products or bleach since this just spreads the spores and masks the problem which will reoccur quickly. This is why it is vital to treat it with a certified Mould removing solution such as Airtech’s Eradomould fungicidal cleaner.

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