Innovative energy saving heating and ventilation products are the prime focus of Airtech Environmental Systems Ltd who specialise in condensation and mould control solutions.

The company offers a suite of ‘Energysaver’ fans including the Sensamatic that automatically senses RH and switches on to control humidity to a preset level and the Datamatic that automatically records 60 weeks of downloadable data including RH, temperature, vapour pressure, dew point, power interrupts and every occasion when the fan has run.

Airtech’s latest development in energy saving products is the Energysaver™ Grille that counteracts the detrimental effects of external wind on the performance of mechanical extract ventilation systems and passive vents. Energysaver™ Grilles are up to 20% less resistant to airflow making the extractor fan up to 20% more energy efficient than when used with a conventional cowl or grille. Energysaver™ Grilles also alleviate ‘blow back’ thus further increasing extractor fan efficiency and reducing energy consumption – all of which contribute to a reduction in the carbon footprint.

Other heating and ventilation products offered include Humidifan automatic extract fans, Centramatic fans for ducting applications, Mixflow in-line fans for long ducting runs, Driair positive pressure systems, whole house ventilation with heat recovery, passive and vapour vents and Thermamatic heated panels that combat localised cold wall problems.