In the UK, we spend 90% of our time indoors. It is essential, therefore, to consider the condition and quality of the air we breathe inside our homes.

Airtech, a leading UK mould & condensation specialist, offers a wide range of products and services tailored to improve and enhance indoor living environments. Our focus extends beyond addressing core symptoms of damp interiors; we’re committed to innovation, quality, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

A recent case study conducted by Mid-Devon Council, a valued public housing customer, sheds light on the impact of our Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) and bathroom extractor fan solutions. The environmental monitoring conducted before the installation clearly indicates an immediate improvement in CO₂. levels and associated ventilation benefits, highlighting the effectiveness of our interventions.

This particular property had a question mark over how much of an impact ventilation was having on mould compared with a cooler wall backing a communal hallway, so it is useful to have an idea of the levels before each intervention.

You can see the results below – Monitoring conducted by Aico HomeLINK

All Airtech’s products have been crafted to solve problems whilst reducing both operational costs and environmental impact. From the intelligent extractor fan ranges that boast logging capabilities such as the SensaFan and DataFan to more robust ventilation options like the positive input ventilation (PIV) and whole-house ventilation systems that supply and extract air continuously at a low energy rate, there is an innovative solution to improve indoor air quality.

Supporting Airtech’s products, our engineers have built a reputation through their service offerings; condensation and mould surveys and treatments, radon services, ventilation installation and services all the way through to data downloads and training tools. From project inception to ongoing maintenance, Airtech provides end-to-end support to our customers. Our ventilation experts work closely with customers to assess their needs, provide solutions, and ensure seamless installation.

As part of the service offering, we also offer preventive maintenance programmes and 24/7 emergency support, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind throughout the product lifecycle.

Following continued investment, we are in a very strong position currently to survey, quote and install our solutions within a 4-6 week period.

The value of Airtech’s products and services is clear: condensation and mould solutions accompanied by enhanced performance with increased energy efficiency and bring rock solid peace of mind. By choosing us, you’ll benefit from a trusted UK partnership that is dedicated to long-term satisfaction and success. As the industry continues to evolve, Airtech remains at the forefront, redefining what it means to create quality indoor environments.