A growing body of evidence has identified the dangerous impact poor air quality is having on our health. Airtech, the mould and condensation control specialist, has therefore developed a comprehensive service over the last 25 years to offer landlords solutions for a healthy home. The latest expansion to its service is the addition of the innovative AIR+ Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) unit to its range of data gathering ventilation solutions it installs.

Many social housing landlords find condensation and mould a recurring problem, causing recurring costs. However, Airtech offers three simple steps that can solve this problem; comprehensive property surveys, mould removal treatment and a full installation service for both responsive and planned maintenance. The treatment and mould removal is backed by a unique three-year guarantee that the mould will not return. Airtech also runs training courses to help landlords understand the causes of condensation and mould and to offer solutions.

We all deserve fresh, clean air in our homes. For social housing landlords condensation and mould can be a persistent and costly problem. However, it is possible to break the cycle. With expert advice social housing landlords can avoid the blight of condensation and mould,” said Andrew Cowlin at Airtech.


Tenant lifestyle, such as drying wet clothes on radiators, can contribute to condensation by raising the moisture levels in the air. Add to this a lack of effective ventilation and this can result in high humidity levels. So tenant education is also a vital part of Airtech’s service. Airtech therefore supplies its mould information leaflets free of charge when working with a social housing provider so tenants understand why they should not dry washing indoors or pile clothes or other items against an external wall. Plus Airtech provides a Freephone customer care helpline for tenants to seek advice on its ventilation products.


Airtech’s latest ventilation solution designed to improve indoor air quality is the AIR+ PIV which gently operates in the background introducing drier air into the home, forcing out stale humid air and replacing it with fresh filtered air form outside. Located in the loft the AIR+ PIV draws fresh air into the loft cavity where it is filtered and warmed before being slowly added into the habitable areas of the house. Positive Input Ventilation is proven to reduce both condensation and mould, as well as dangerous levels of radon in specific areas of the UK.

Boasting patented market-leading ventilation technology that improves tenant comfort and efficiency Airtech can offer landlords the correct solution for individual properties. This can range from the Air+ PIV to the environment sensing and data gathering bathroom and kitchen fans, such as the A25 SELV and the A60 Mains and SELV.

Featuring Airtech’s unique control and data logging the company’s ventilation products will record details of the home environment, such as humidity and temperature levels to allow the landlord or contractor to track and analyse the correlation of these variables together on one graph. This will allow a landlord to clearly track the effects changing lifestyle habits have on a home environment. It will also demonstrate how reducing relative humidity through adequate heating and ventilation can maintain a healthy home. Airtech’s sophisticated data logging allows landlords to interrogate up to 10 years’ worth of saved IAQ data thus giving peace of mind.

Hand-in-hand with the data logging, Airtech’s specialist control platform monitors the data as it is collected and modulates the fan accordingly to react automatically and  proportionally to rising humidity levels, offering quick and effective humidity control. This ensures the resident keeps the optimum environment in the home to avoid condensation forming, thus helping maintain good IAQ.

Airtech are not just another ventilation company. They are specialists in condensation and mould control solutions. A company with over 25 years’ experience Airtech uses diagnostics, analysis and treatment techniques to control condensation and mould through a combination of humidity control and ventilation.

For more information on training details or a free survey call: 01823 690 292