Technical Support

Technical support is always available by telephone or email. To see our list of contacts, click here.

Tenant Aftercare

We care what customers think of us – before, during and after installation. Upon completion of an installation every customer receives from us a relevant care leaflet that lists a ‘Freephone’ number to call so you can discuss any problems relating to the installation, operation and control of ventilation equipment installed. We also undertake free follow-up visits to resolve any ventilation issues that cannot be settled over the telephone.

Condensation leaflet

Auto extract fan leaflet customer care

Energysaver positive pressure system customer care leaflet


I have just had an extractor fan fitted and it keeps running, how do I turn it off?
When extractor fans are first fitted into dwellings that are suffering from condensation, they will initially run for extended periods untill the humidity levels are reduced – this is only temporary.

How much electricity is this fan using?
The extractor fan fitted in your property is an Energysaver™ model which uses less than 10 ten times that of a standard light bulb.

Can I switch the fan off?
No, the fans are designed to automatically detect humidity. When the humidity reaches a set level the fan will turn on, when the humidity returns to an acceptable level the fan will shut down by itself.

What does the pullcord do?
This enables you to turn the fan on manually, which you may want to do to extract odour from the kitchen/bathroom.

Why have you fitted fans in the kitchen & Bathroom when I only get condensation problems in the bedrooms ?
The majority of moisture created in the home comes from the kitchen and bathroom, this moist air will then migrate through the house to the colder rooms usually the bedrooms. If you install Fans in the kitchens and bathrooms you can prevent this problem from happening.